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January 10 2016


Terra Battle Tips and Battle Guide Review


Terra Battle can end up being a puzzle game using RPG elements that will makes it a fascinating combo. Your graphics are perfect and the game play will be incredible smooth. That features a very similar element to always be able to Brave Frontier, in locations you get to summon strong units for you to assist you in battle.


There can become a thing known as the circle involving carnage, which is basically rock paper and also scissors.

There tend to be 4 primary classes you can use:

Sword -Weak against SpearSpear - Weak against BowBow - Weak against SwordStaff - Neutral

And there are also the particular subclasses:

Fire - Bonus damage dealt as well as received against IceIce - Bonus damage dealt and received against FireLightning - Bonus damage dealt and also received against DarknessDarkness - Bonus damage dealt and received against LightningHealing - Heals your charactersRemedy - Removes harmful effects

Every character in addition features a class level, beginning coming from highest to lowest - SS, S, A, B, C as well as D.

Hiring Characters

You could recruit new characters through two places:

Pact associated with Fellowship(3000 coins) - Recruits D or perhaps C class charactersPact of Truth(5 energy) - Recruits B,A,S or perhaps SS class characters

The summon price for an SS character will be somewhere around 4-5%,which will be pretty good thinking about nearly all video games get much lower summon prices for top tier characters. I am glad they will made it such in which rare characters are much much simpler to get.

The fact that the sport is very concentrated around strategy can help to make it such in which even along with great characters you can nevertheless fail inside mission fairly simply in the huge event you usually are generally not careful. Anyone can't just spend your way in order to victory. A Few pondering is necessary to earn on this game.

Battle Mechanics

The game play features several very worthwhile moves. Under are a new few basics that is likely to help you in the future:

Align your characters horizontally or vertically for bonus damage.Use power points for you to deal bonus damage against bosses for maxiumum damage

Enemies with weapon kinds possess a general pattern(by fuffles):

Sword - generally built with skills in which (only) hit horizontally, could attack right after movingBow - generally built with attacks that hit in all 4 directions, however attacks with begin of flip and also typically merely moves afterSpear - typically built with attacks swamp attack cheats that (only) hit vertically, could attack right after moving

Use elements to your advantage, specially inside the following stages:

Mechadrake (8-10): weak against most ice element attacks although the actual boss's element can be thunderTime Devourer (10-10): short circuit as well as stunned with regard to one flip if hit through any thunder elemental attackToxoid (13-8): consumed through fear and also stunned regarding one turn if hit through virtually any dark elemental attackMechadrake Redux (14-4): weak against just about all fire element attacks despite the fact that your boss's element is darkMegacell (15-10): sleep can impact it even though status outcomes are usually normally not really usable in bossesLock-On+ (17-10): launch pad freezes as well as stunned with regard to one flip if hit simply by any kind of ice elemental attack

When it comes to always be able to bosses, you may also do 2x2 pincer attacks. This can much more damage yet it also need a bit little bit of setup.

January 09 2016


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